feature- romantic comedy:

How to Train your girlfriend

A young college-age man takes his best friend's advice to train his girlfriend by putting her through a series of trials intended to make her love him forever. 

tv series _ Midnight at the diner

A young girl from Nigeria takes a job at an all-night diner where she learns about life, love and being independent, from a veteran waitress and the characters who frequent the diner at night. 

feature- superhero comedy:

Super Geeks

Two High School nerds find a superhero suit that gives the wearer super powers. 

Feature - horror:

Werewolf Dawn

In a future where everyone except a small remnant of humans has been turned into werewolves, a little girl leaves the human stronghold to find her infected mother and prove she's still alive. 



Run in the darkling rain


tv series- horror:

screams of halhouse

In Halhouse Sanitarium, each patient has a story of how they ended up there, and every tale involves horror.

feature comedy: Welcome to Slugweed

A lonely, alcoholic psychiatrist befriends a new patient, only to find out he is really an alien from outer space hiding on Earth from an alien hitman.  


Welcome to Lupus

A biker gang thinks they are the baddest of the bad, until they visit a small a town and find out there are much scarier things alive than them. 

Four teens make a pact to meet again in a year and tell each other whether they are going to stay in a small town with its quirky characters or leave it forever.

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